Starting Your Own Tradition with Pam’s OC Golf Getaways

So you say you need to get away and chase the small ball somewhere different, or maybe you’ve read or received advertisements for the multitude of golfing options to choose from in the Southern Delaware/Ocean City, MD region?  Maybe your spouse is looking to get rid of you for a few days, or those excess vacation days are about to expire?  Or for whatever the reason you’re looking for some new adventures on the links.

But how do you narrow it down?  Where do you stay?  Who’s calling the courses, setting up tee times, and booking the hotel room(s)?  For every course down there, there’s probably five times the amount of hotels! You can probably talk to a buddy, or two, and learn that they’ve played several courses and that none of them seem to be a bad choice! You could search on line and confuse yourself some more with pages and pages of possibilities.  Or, you could do what my family and I have done for the past 15 years and call The Girls at Pam’s!

Pam’s has made golf simple & easy, a no-brainer if you will!  Off the course that is! Pam’s won’t fix that nasty hook or slice! At least not yet! A simple phone call or email to The Girls at Pam’s stating when you want to go and the courses you want to play and you’ll have several quotes delivered to you promptly! The quotes will include your hotel accommodations, courses, tee times, discount deals, and added incentives like appetizers and discount cards!

In the 15 years my family has been booking with Pam’s OC Golf Getaways, we have never been disappointed!

Every trip is well thought out geographically as well as financially to fit your needs. But most importantly for me, The Girls at Pam’s coordinates, schedules, and organizes 6 more days a year that I get to enjoy the company of my Father, Brother, Uncle and Cousin that would otherwise be reserved for a wedding or a funeral!  And let’s face it, the older I get, the more I’d rather be on a Golf Course!!!! 😉

Give The Girls at Pam’s a call today at 877.833.8718, and start your own family tradition!

Bryan S.
Wilmington, DE


History of Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links

The property now known as Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links has a rich and storied past as evidenced by its name, which it takes from the peninsula of

land that extends out into the bay behind the sixteenth tee. Legend has it that from 1696-1717, Captains Kidd and Blackbeard, two of the world’s most famous pirates, frequently sought shelter behind the barrier islands of Assateaque. From the waters of the Sinepuxent Bay, they brought treasures of all kinds ashore.

Although no buried treasures were found during construction of the golf course, lengthy archeological studies trace a long history of activity at Rum Pointe. Remains of seven Native American cultures were found at several locations on the property. Large shell middens have been preserved in the wooded area to the right of hole #12 and along the creek to the right of #15.

The two story, stucco brick house to the left of the #6 fairway is one of the few pre-Revolutionary War dwellings in Worcester County. Remains of several other buildings, including a small dairy, are scattered around the site. Captain Charles Radcliffe is credited with building the house around 1740, and it was the main dwelling on a large working plantation of 2,200 acres that raised tobacco, corn and wheat, merchandised local timber products, and processed animal skins from their livestock. The Radcliffe plantation remained in family hands for several generations. Local lore has it that British troops came ashore during the Revolutionary War in an attempt to conscript locals for their cause. When one of the Radcliffe sons refused, he was hung from a tree, and he is said to still haunt the property. Dozens of locals will verify moving pictures, mysterious lights and loud footsteps late at night.

The property has changed hands a couple of times in this century, and in 1969, the National and State Park Service acquired a portion of the farm adjoining Maryland Route 611 to build support facilities for their Assategue Island operation. In 1994, when the Ruark family developed Rum Pointe, they agreed to transfer another 100 acres of this property to the Park Service for further expansion, as well as for the preservation of the Radcliffe house.

The old farmhouse has been restored and is opened to the public on certain days of the week. Most of the balance of the farm was put into a conservation easement allowing only for the development of a golf course. World renowned golf architects, Pete and PB Dye were hired to create a world class golf course while still preserving the natural beauty and historic significance of the property. The events of the last several years will ensure this property’s continued access and enjoyment by the public.X Rum Pointe -Clubhouse 1

Benefits of the Aerification Process

As you play your round you are probably wondering why the golf course maintenance staff has to disrupt the playing surface of the golf course?

Listed below are three of the main benefits of the aerification process.

  1. It relieves soil compaction.  Over time, the traffic from golfer’s feet (as well as mowing equipment) tends to compact the soil under the putting green.  When the soil becomes compacted, the air pockets on which the roots depend are crushed, and the roots are essentially left gasping for air.  Without oxygen, the grass plants become weaker and will eventually wither and die.
  1. It provides a method to improve the soil mixture around the highest part of the green’s roots.  Aerification is a mechanical process that creates more air space in the soil and promotes deeper rooting, thus helping the grass plants stay healthy.  Here at Heritage Shores we will be using a ¼” hollow tine to remove the core from the soil.  This will in turn allow for an infusion of air and water that brings a resurgence of growth.  The spaces left by the coring process are then filled with sand “topdressing” that helps the soil retain air space and will make it easier for roots to grow downward. Filling the aerification holes with sand will also help improve drainage and helps with compaction.
  1. Reduces and prevents the accumulation of excess thatch. Growing turf adds a layer of organic matter on the surface.  This layer, called thatch, is an accumulation of dead stems, leaves and roots.  A little organic matter makes for a resilient green, but too much invites diseases and insects.  Topdressing and aerification are two of the best ways to reduce an existing layer and prevent an excess of thatch from becoming established.

Brooks Massey, Head Golf Pro
Heritage Shores


Since the recent injury of Tiger Wood’s back, there have been a lot of debates and questions regarding fitness and professional golfers. It wasn’t that long ago that many of the great players wouldn’t even consider lifting weights or running on a treadmill. The only fitness junky that comes to mind when you look back a few decades is Gary Player and he was and still is a rare breed. We know that Tiger Woods changed how golfers approached fitness and has made working out a part of the daily routine on the PGA Tour. There have been people lately who are indicating that maybe Tigers injuries are a result of too much training and maybe his swing is too violent or a combination of both. No one knows for sure but count Gary Player as one of those people who thinks otherwise. In a recent interview before the Master’s, he described his own workouts and that he would squat heavy weights sometimes before majors to get his mind and body prepared for the tournament. He is a believer that the harder you workout the better off you will be in your golfing life as well as your life in general. So if you’re on the fence with working out or not working out to help your golf game go with two of the greatest players of all time in Tiger Woods and Gary Player and hit the weight room. I bet it will help your golf game and I know it will help your overall health.  As the saying goes, “You get old by not doing, not by doing” so get your butt off the couch and start some type of fitness program today!

Bobby Vermillion 
Endless Golf TV


“Be the Ball” (Our Guide to Bringing Your Fantasy Golf Vacation to Life)

Shannon popping outHave the pictures in our 2014 PLAYGOLF Planner got your attention? Well, maybe you should take a moment and look through them all again and then come back to actually read this article on how The Girls at Pam’s really can help make your fantasy golf trip a reality.

Of course, when it comes to golf fantasy, our male clients are probably thinking… man it would be great if a hot brunette came to their rescue, by diving into a cool pool of water in a tight wet suit to retrieve the last Titleist golf ball they had in their bag and just shanked into the water.

And our lady golfers are probably thinking… What about us? You seriously need to put more men in this magazine. Or maybe… that they wouldn’t mind having a handsome man retrieve one of their balls from the water. That would be a fantasy… wait… why would we hit a ball in the water? That would require us to take a penalty stroke.

But no… what we are actually referring to is a few pointers, from The Girls at Pam’s, that will make the planning of your golf vacation fun and easy.

If you are the group leader, you can attest to the pressure of trying to appease a bunch of your friends, all with their own opinions on “what makes a perfect golf vacation”. This is where The Girls at Pam’s make it easy for you. We have seen it all. We help you avoid all of the common pitfalls, like course aerification, that can make the playing experience subpar. We can also help you work around the specialty event weekends in the area that can increase the package price. If you are a group member, here’s a secret… Become a Group Leader! Reason: The Girls at Pam’s treat them like royalty and do everything we can to get them as many perks as possible.

Selecting your travel dates is the first thing you need to figure out. Here’s a tip: Be Flexible. Think of selecting your travel dates like picking the perfect club to land your ball next to the pin. Selecting the wrong club will either leave you short or have you flying over the green. The same thing applies to travel dates. If you travel early in the season, you trade exceptional prices for riskier weather. If you travel in peak season you now have to contend with keeping your trip on budget. So yes, if you’re wondering… there is a sweet spot in travel dates. All you have to do to find it is ask The Girls at Pam’s and we can guide you there. We will even remind you about Mother’s Day and Easter to keep you out of hot water with the family. There is also a lot of money to be saved by traveling during the week. Sundays are considered weekday rates with our accommodations. If you can play after 12 p.m. the courses will offer bigger discounts.

Sure we know that many of our clients start out thinking they want to play the most challenging courses in the area, stay in five-star accommodations and have The Girls at Pam’s caddy each round. The first two are definitely possible depending on your group’s budget, but with over half of the area courses offering GPS, you won’t need us to caddy. However, as the group leader, we do highly recommend that you find out what the needs of your group really are before selecting your courses and accommodations. This way we can help you narrow your options and get the best bang for your buck. Let us know if your group is on a limited budget; if the location of the hotel important; if you want your accommodations to include breakfast, an indoor pool or have a bar on premise. Also, consider the average handicap of your group. If it is 20+, playing the most difficult courses may leave your group frustrated instead of having fun. We will fit your golf trip to your group like a set of custom clubs. The Girls at Pam’s will customize the perfect golf vacation, at the best price possible and with the most value added booking bonuses like: FREE dinner certificates, COMPLIMENTARY drink coupons and FREE nights and rounds.

Okay, here is the most valuable tip we can give you as the group leader, especially if you are a gentleman: When a woman gives you something to read – read it. We send you important information that you should relay to your group. The Girls at Pam’s always provides you with a detailed itinerary that lists your travel dates, what you are doing and when you are doing it. We realize that these documents are not as interesting as an issue of “Golf Magazine” or the contents of our 2014 PLAYGOLF Planner, but they will ensure that we have taken care of every detail of your trip to the fullest.

After we have confirmed the details of their Ocean City golf vacation, our group leaders say they feel like “Carl Spackler” chasing gophers when it comes to getting their group members to make their final payments on time. No worries, The Girls at Pam’s have you covered. Simply give your group members the link to our state-of-the art on-line payment portal to make their payments or ask them to call in individually and set up automatic payments with one of our golf travel coordinators. This way you can focus on tuning up your game with a lesson before your golf vacation and stocking up on golf balls, instead trying to collect money from your group members.

Whether you have been planning golf trips for years or this is your first attempt as golf trip Master, just remember: “There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball”, or call the Girls at Pam’s and follow these extra suggestions. They may be just what you need to help make your next golf vacation to Ocean City the best one yet…

#1 Create a rooming list for your group and send it to Pam’s at least two weeks prior to your arrival. This will help the check-in staff at your accommodation better prepare for your arrival and will shorten your check-in time. The last thing you want to do when you get to the hotel after a round golf is figure out who gets to room with the group member that snores the loudest.

#2. Have each member of your group program the Pam’s 24-hour travel assistance line in their cell phone, as well as the phone numbers of your accommodations and the courses you will be golfing. This way no matter what situation arises, The Girls at Pam’s can help. Hint: These numbers are listed in the travel documents you should bring with you on your trip!

#3. Attend any of our social events. Here you can meet the staff at Pam’s, receive free appetizers and beverages and win fantastic prizes.

#4. And our final tip… Take advantage of our FREE Trip Mulligan for traveling with Pam’s Ocean City Golf Getaways. After all, you’re the group leader, you deserve it!

We’ll see you on the green… Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll see us diving after that Titleist ball you lost in the water.

Give The Girls at Pam’s a call at 877.833.8718 to get started on your best golf vacation ever!


Winter Golf

Just because Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, toes and every other part of your body doesn’t mean you should put your clubs away for the winter.  You just have to be like a boy scout …prepared.

You lose most of your body heat through your hands and head.  To stay warm you need to keep them covered.  A toasty ski cap and a really good pair of mittins are a must.  A pack of hand warmers in your mittins to keep your hands warm between shots is a good idea as well.  To keep your body warm I suggest layering up with some of the new lightweight warm weather gear. The new high-tech gear is lighter in weight than the old long johns and wool sweaters.  The material is designed to keep heat in and allow moisture out for maximum comfort.
The golf ball – hmmm white ball, white snow. Well you can guess this could cause a problem. May I suggest you get some colored ones.  It will make it easier to find.  Due to the ball being cold, your many layers of clothes and lack of footing it is impossible to hit the ball as far as you do in the summer so you will have to take more club.  Due to the elements, check your ego at the first tee, realize shooting your summer score probably isn’t in the cards, and the goal for this day will be to have fun.  Enjoy the elements, the camaraderie with your friends, and the sense of discovery that you are doing something that very few will do.  Also I suggest winter golfers carry a camera you never know what you are going to see that you never do in the summer.
Stay hydrated even if the temperature dips south of 30, your body is still needs water.  So please put liquids back in and stay away from coffee and alcohol.  Hot cocoa and water will be better alternatives.
But the cold climate should not be an excuse for you to not enjoy this great game. Here in Chicago area, we have plenty of cold temperatures,  snow and a great football team that we want to support. But we’re still going to get out play some golf.
For example, here at Cog Hill, we have The Eskimo Open, and annual tradition since 1966 that takes place on the first Sunday in January. Naturally, it’s one of our most popular events. It is held rain, sleet, snow or thaw. If a hurricane ever visited Lemont in January, we’d still have golfers show. It is the one event the worse the weather, the bigger the smiles.  This year, we had 149 players enjoy a slightly overcast 25 degree morning of golf and the chili afterwards.
Winter golf is a different game than the summer variety.  First there are no lines and slow play well doesn’t exist when there is no one on the course but you.  The summer infestation of mosquitoes is gone and that lake you have trouble carrying in the summer is frozen. No, it’s not exactly the same game, nor is it the same expectations for your mid Spring or Summer rounds. But if you prepare correctly, it can be just as, if not more, fun and exhilarating.  If the dedicated golfers of Chicago can do it, anyone can.
By:  Kevin Weeks, PGA

Kevin Weeks is the Director of Instruction at Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont, Illinois. Weeks is a three-time Illinois PGA Section Teacher of the Year and has won several national awards and recognitions for his work with players from the PGA Tour down to the junior level. 

How to survive unscathed when playing with the opposite sex!

In order to survive unscathed when playing with the opposite sex, here are five things a man should never say to a woman:

1) You really didn’t win the long drive contest since you hit from the Ladies Tee.
2) It doesn’t matter how far you are from the green. You’ll just hit 3-wood anyway.
3) I’ll drive the cart. I want to make it back to the 19th hole alive!
4) Wow! You can break 100? You must be a good short game player.
5) Why don’t you play it from the back tees and play a real golf course?

And here are six things a woman should never say to a man unless she’s got game and has chutzpah to match:
1) Let’s play for something – even up. No strokes.
2) I’ll play from whatever tees you boys are playing from.
3) You really shouldn’t play individual stroke play. A scramble suits you much better.
4) Here you go – why don’t you use some of my pink Flying Lady golf balls since you’ve lost all of yours?
5) You swing like a girl.
6) Can we play through?